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Jun.27 2011:  Random Illustrations On the toppage, I installed a little trick to show images randomly.

Feb.20 2010:  GALLERY "2009 Arctic" Photo selection from Svalbard, last November. Blue polar nights.

Feb.11 2009:  Omnipot Grand Renewal Replaced all the pages with new XHTML/CSS, but no big difference in overall design.

Dec.11 2008:  GALLERY "Commercial Web Designs" I added a page for Commercial Web Designs, selecting websites including English page.

May.23 2008:  DIARY "Starting new life" Back then in year 2007, I moved to an apartment and was about to start a brand new life with full of hope...

Now I'm up to...

Jun. 2011

Now I'm back from my trip driving from Tokyo to West Africa.
The whole trip took 7 months, and I'm back to Tokyo since Jan. 2011.

2 months later, huge earthquakes and tsunami struck Japan, follewed by shameful explosion of our nuclear power plant.

Since my trip was full of blessings, I still believe we're all protected somehow.
Maybe it was part of my desire to witness the reconstruction of this country. Even if I'm powerless, I'd like to do what I can do.